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Kriya Yoga Ashram

Babaji's Kriya Yoga Ashram in Quebec, Canada is located on 40 acres, atop a mountain, with panoramic views of neighboring mountains and pristine forest land. It has a private lake, access to hundreds of acres of forest trails, and the peace of isolation. A vegetarian meal service is available. It is open year-round for group initiations and retreats, short-term person retreat stays or long- term residency. A daily schedule centered around the practice of Babaji's five-fold path of Kriya Yoga is maintained. The ashram also houses "Kriya Yoga Publications."
Lake at the Ashram
Kriya Yoga Seminar

The suggested contribution for housing at the ashram is US$62 or C$80 per day including 3 vegetarian meals. A work study program is available for long-term residents who are initiated students of Babaji's Kriya Yoga. Campers may stay for US$42 or C$55.50 per day including meals.

The Ashram is an easy one- hour drive from Montreal. Transportation from Montreal airport can be organized. Click here for directions to the Ashram. For further information contact "Babaji's Kriya Yoga ®", 196 Mountain Road, C.P. 90 Eastman, Quebec, J0E 1P0, telephone +1-450-297-0258 or email.
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Kriya Yoga Ashram Kriya Yoga Ashram Kriya Yoga Ashram Visit the Kriya Yoga Ashram
Kriya Yoga Ashram Kriya Yoga Ashram Kriya Yoga Ashram

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