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Babaji's Kriya Yoga ®
PO Box 90
Eastman, Quebec, Canada
J0E 1P0

1-888-252.9642 within North America or (00)+1-450-297.0258

For e-mail, see one of the contacts listed below:



Gauteng, South Africa: e-mail Reggy Permaul, tel. +27-(0)413.1010

Port Louis, Mauritius Island: e-mail Ryan Ganod, tel.+23-(0)674.2737
or Poojanand Nemah, tel. +23-(0)617.5431



Bangalore, India: e-mail Hanuman "Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of
Acharyas Trust", Post Box No. 5608 Malleswaram West,
Bangalore 560 055 tel.+(91)-(0) 94999 20007

Tokyo, Japan: e-mail Norihiko Otsuki or
J. Tsuchiya, tel. +81-(0)43.7435.3317
Also, the publisher of the book "Babaji and the 18 Siddha
Kriya Yoga Tradition" in Japanese: Neo-Delphi, e-mail K. Hoshina,
tel. +81-(0)3.33.508.438

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: e-mail S Balachander, tel. +60-(0)3 -2202 1412

Singapore: e-mail Lakshmanan, tel. +65-(0)9.238.0635



Vienna, Austria: e-mail Willibald Kallinger, tel. +43-(0)1.9545.644

Copenhagen, Denmark: e-mail Adam Wolden-Raething,
tel. +45-(0)3333.0345

Tallin, Estonia: e-mail Ave Oit, tel. +372-(0)5.649.9199
Estonia Ashram website

Grenoble, France: e-mail Sita

Grenoble, France: e-mail Thierry Morfin, tél.+33-(0)

Paris, France: e-mail Rudran, tel. +33-(0)4.5064.0638
Kriya Yoga books and cassettes available in French.

Frankfurt/main, Germany: e-mail Satya
For questions in German

Milan, Italy: e-mail Arjuna, tel. +39-(0)2.2626.5466

Ekaterinburg, Russia: e-mail Yogeshwar and Uma
tel. +7-(0)343.370.1747

Moscow, Russia: e-mail Sergei Gavrilov, tel. +7-(0)9.6751.4155

A Coruna, Spain: e-mail Aurora Valdes, tel. +34-(0)9.8127.6046

Barcelona, Spain: e-mail Manuel Gallego, tel. +34-(0)6.3777.7090

Bilbao, Spain: e-mail Joseba Idoyaga, tel. +34-(0)9.4466.1643

Valencia, Spain: e-mail Nityananda, tel. +34-(0)9.6332.4686

Zurich, Switzerland: e-mail Ram

Birmingham, UK: e-mail Satprakash tel. +44-(0)

London, UK: e-mail Marina     tel:+44/0 799 097 5292

England: e-mail Phil     tel:+44/0 787 954 0543

Turkey: e-mail Iris

North America

Toronto, ON, Canada: Babaji's Kriya Yoga Center
with regular classes at 43 Eastwood Road, Toronto Ontario M4L 2C6
Contacts: e-mail Doug Lawson, tel. +1-416-850-1160

Ottawa, ON, Canada: Contact: Yves

Tempe, AZ, US: e-mail Shantiananda, tel. +1-480-650-7968

Los Angeles, CA, US: e-mail Michelle Cole, tel. +1-310-670-6631

Mt. Shasta, CA, US: e-mail Carol Kraus, tel. +1-530-925-9036
Carol's alternate email

San Francisco, CA, US: e-mail Rudra Shivananda, tel. +1-510-475-6259

Tampa, FL, US: e-mail Alfredo Escobar (Aditya), tel. +1-941-224-3121

Providence, RI, US: e-mail Sherry Ryan, tel. +1-401-751-2050

Detroit, MI, US: e-mail David

New York, NY, US: e-mail Michael Collins, tel. +1-516-379-6128

Philadelphia, PA, US: e-mail Vernon Young, tel. +1-610-280-0935


Arabian Peninsula

Qatar: e-mail Vimala Prakash, tel. +974-(0)4.412303,



Victoria, Australia: e-mail Rohini, tel. +61-(0)4.0136.9743,
Kriya Yoga books and cassettes available

Perth, Australia: e-mail Mitra


South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil: e-mail Saraswati Karuna Devi,
tel. +55-(0)11.3813.4967 or +55-(0)11.3871.5955
or e-mail Sharana Devi, tel.+55-(0)11.9133.9397

Concepion, Chile: e-mail Alan Coles, tel. +56-(0)41.730.113

Colombia: e-mail Sebastian

* note regarding international telephone number format:
XXXX.XXXX: the telephone number
AAA: Area code; smaller countries may not use them
NDD: National Direct Dialing prefix; varies but is often 1(NA) or
0(Europe); this is the number used to make a long distance call
from city to city within your country; some countries use IDD
and CCC rather than NDD for calls within the country. This number is not used if making an international call.
CCC: Country Code
IDD: International Direct Dialing prefix; varies but is often 011(NA)
or 00(Europe); this is the number used to dial out of your
country to another country
To confirm international direct dialing visit



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